January 2017



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9th Jan, 2017


Well who ever thought it would be 2017 and I would still be posting on IJ?

Not here often anymore -not really sure if any of the old crowd is either? Everyone has migrated to Archive of Our Own, including me.

Health and happiness to you all. I'll probably be back here same time next year.

Fanfickchick on Tumblr if anyone wants to get in touch.

23rd Jan, 2014

hardly ever here any more but like to still see what everyone's writing. all the best xx

15th Apr, 2013

good lord I'm never here anymore. must have a good drawl through the thousands of things I've missed.

20th Dec, 2011

Christmas is nearly here

Well Christmas is nearly here again and I don't seem to come here very often any more.
I still read masses of fanfic, more now than ever before. These days I'm still reading Harry Potter but more of Stargate, Stargate:Atlantis and CSI:all of them.
I can still find new X-Files Mulder/Skinner to keep me happy and love a bit of Spike/Xander.My new favourite is Ducky/Gibbs from NCIS before that Gibbs/DiNozzo.
Can't wait for the new Star Trek film to come out & more fic to follow from that , and my daughter is mad about the BBC's Sherlock but I don't really see it myself.

I created this account so I could read all the really good stuff that was coming out of the Harry Potter fandom. I was late to it & jumped in with both feet. I still love reading Snarry.Never thought I'd still be doing it 5 1/2 years later!

So this is a Christmas wish to you all that next year treats you well, you continue to do what you love -whatever that may be & you have a great Holiday season.
Many thanks to the writers of the thousands of wonderful fics I have read over the years and look forward to reading in the years to come.

All the best for 2012. xxx

1st Jan, 2011

Oh it's been a while hasn't it?!

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope 2011 is great for you all.

8th Dec, 2009


Thanks to [info]jadzialove cos I loved hers.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, 1taintedsoul sent to me...
Twelve celandinebs drumming
Eleven jordangrants piping
Ten red_phoenyxs a-leaping
Nine evilauntiesnapes dancing
Eight obsessed1s a-milking
Seven fourth_roses a-swimming
Six twins a-laying
Five twe-e-e-easleys
Four phelps twins
Three james phelps
Two oliver phelps
...and a chan in a fred/george/harry.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Hope you're all doing well. Have a great Christmas one and all.x

27th Aug, 2009

I'm still here.

I had no idea that I hadn't posted on IJ for over a year!

It's not that I'm not here very often, but that I just never seem to post here anymore.

Anyway,just going to remind everyone to keep reading at Snarry Games. There's some fantastic stuff been written and some lovely art (especially AccioSnape's)been made. Hurrah for all of them.

22nd Jun, 2008

*drum roll please....*

Please welcome to the World my nephew,on Friday June 20th 2008 at 9.25 pm BST, Isaac Frank Kingham.
Born 7lbs 11oz in Ipswich Hospital (only just!),mother and baby doing well.
As for the father,I don't think my poor baby brother knows what he's in for!!
Two boys ,one just 3 and one new-born. Sometimes I'm really glad I live 200 miles away....other times I wish it was a 20 min bus ride. Ho Hum.

*round of applause* Thankyou.This service announcement is over.

27th Apr, 2008


Flist questionnaire from [info]whatthefuckbenj

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Fill out and go read my answers at [info]whatthefuckbenj's asylum.

13th Apr, 2008

Hello all!

Gacked this from [info]whatthefuckbenj

After you die...
In the Ground

After death, you will cease to exist. In all likelihood, your carcass will be deposited in the ground.

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

So glad cos that's just where I intend to be!

Had a good week so far. Sent my daughter off to stay with my parents as she's on school holidays and I've had to go back to work. Finding out that I'm ok with living on my own something I haven't done since I was 20. I'm now nearly 38.

Been QaF'd this week. First time for a year I haven't read any HP fandom at all. Been reading vamphile's fic list over on LJ.Wonderful Brian/Justin series.

Now the urgency to watch everything Queer as Folk US has worn off I'm on catch up with IJ and LJ.I like to have alot to read.There's some really great stuff out there at the mo. I even managed to write a cuople of Twinny things. Might post those tomorrow.

That's it. Hope everyone's ok. Off to do more catch-up reading. See ya!
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22nd Mar, 2008


My first post for the [info]weasleytwins100

Title: Silk



Word Count: 101

Warnings: Twincest,cross-dressing

Summary: Fred admires George's new outfit

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Thought doing some drabbles might kick start my mind a bit.

Better late than never?

Hello all those lovely HP fanatics that I have friended.

Finally I have hauled my fat arse over here to IJ.

I know a lot of you are double/triple posting but some aren't and I've missed you all.

That's it for now.
You never know I might even write something to post over here!